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UNLOCK your body's magic with PLEASURE

Step into the mysteries of your body. Here, the essence of your being is celebrated, and guided to fully SHINE.

About Me and The VITA™ Method

My name is Sofiana Filipi, Love & Intimacy Coach

Many years ago, I started a self-discovery journey when I stumbled upon a video called “$ex Magic,” and my soul lit up.  I was invited to participate in a beautiful coaching certification program – VITA™ Coaching Method. I was afraid to step in, but walking away was not an option.

After years of extensive training and hours of practicing with clients, supporting their transformation, and witnessing the magic shining in their lives, I am excited and confident in supporting anyone who desires to invite more pleasure in their life.

Through the transformative VITA™ Coaching Methodology, I shall guide you on a journey of embodied tantric practices combined with modern therapy. Below are my specialties:


Many of us go through our lives BELIEVING that our bodies are imperfect, completely disregarding their SACREDNESS. They hold all the keys to thriving and living a fulfilling, vibrant, and authentic life.

I have a vision of you that's crystal clear, even if you don't see it yet.

  • Get ready to turn your stress into unstoppable ACTION! I’ll show you how to activate your intuition like a boss and become the ruler of your destiny.
  • Unleash your inner superhero and unlock your manifestation powers. You’ll recognize goals that align with your soul and ACHIEVE them!
  • With my expert guidance, you’ll gain laser-like focus and the confidence to steer yourself towards success. It’s time to take charge and live your best life!
  • Are you ready to tap into your life essence and experience abundance like never before? We’ll unblock your subconscious obstacles and let the good vibes flow!

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